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Cherry Blossom Alternatives in Alberta

Cherry blossom alternatives Cherry blossoms are well known for their gorgeous flower show in early spring. Vancouver has many vistas filled with pink delicate blossoms as far as the eye can see. Unfortunately here in Alberta, we aren’t able to achieve such a breathtaking display. However, we have some alternatives that are just as beautiful, […]

Planting with Perennials

Perennials in the Garden Perennials are a great way to add splashes of colour and texture into the garden space. There is a large number of options that can extend your blooming season from spring to fall, in all different colours, heights, and styles. Ask our Horticulture Specialists for assistance in picking perennials that will […]

Windburn on Plants

Purchasing new plants for the garden is an exciting experience, and a lot of information is given about the care needed once the plants arrive at your home. What is often overlooked is the journey back there. We bring large trucks in order to accommodate larger sized trees and shrubs, but what was often overlooked […]