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Creating Bee Friendly Ways in Your Garden

We know that the honey bees population on a global scale is on a big decline. But luckily for Canada, this has not been the case. Western Canadian populations are growing at all-time high. According to Bees Matter the population of bee colonies grew from roughly 450,000 to close to 600,000. Although these numbers look […]

Plants that are Safe for Cats – Here’s the Top 5

If we aren’t battling bugs in our plants we have to worry about animals too. There are quite a few plants that can very harmful to our animals when ingested, particularly cats. So if you are a pet owner you may want to ensure the types of plants you use are not toxic to your […]

Why you Need a Caliper Tree? – For New Home Owner’s

Little Creek Landscaping our partners offers some advice about why you need a caliper tree if you’re a new homeowner. At Sherwood Nurseries we offer caliper-sized trees to meet your landscaping needs. See our gallery and our inventory list for a complete listing of the trees available.     [inbound_button font_size=”20″ color=”#4f9d53″ text_color=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-up” url=”https://sherwoodnurseries.ca/contact/” width=”” […]

How to Get Rid of the Dreaded Lily Beetle

It never fails, every year as your lilies begin to sprout out of the ground those beetles are already feasting on your precious lilies. It is a problem all too common that every gardener woes. Below I will offer some tips on how to get rid of the dreaded red lily beetle and keep it […]