Sometimes it is hard to visualize how you want your yard to look like. There are important things to consider when laying out your plants.

At Sherwood Nurseries we can provide you with the plants you need and Little Creek Landscaping our sister company, can help you bring your vision to life with 3D modelling and design. But first, let’s look at why it would be important to consider a plant design. See below.

Things to consider when designing your yard with plants:

Functional – Does it serve its purpose, are you looking to have shade, ground cover etc..

Zone Hardiness – Is the plant able to thrive in the environment where you reside?

Plant Placement – Where is the best location to plant your plants to ensure your plants thrive

Appeal – How to layout your plants so they look appealing and complement each other as well as attract bees and butterflies

What you can get in a Plant Design:

  • Customized design to your needs, whether it be a sketch or 3D digital model
  • Consultation on your plant design
  • Discount on plants from Sherwood Nurseries
  • Satisfaction guaranteed – We work with you through the entire process

Plant Design Portfolio:

==> Plant Designs can start as low as $225

For a limited time when purchasing a Plant Design Plan receive 15% off plants at our tree nursery.

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