Plants that are safe for cats

Plants that are Safe for Cats – Here’s the Top 5

If we aren’t battling bugs in our plants we have to worry about animals too. There are quite a few plants that can very harmful to our animals when ingested, particularly cats. So if you are a pet owner you may want to ensure the types of plants you use are not toxic to your pets. Below are the top plants that are considered cat-safe.


Top 5 Cat-Safe Plants


Hens and Chicks

A succulent type of plant that is great for ground cover, containers, rock gardens and groundcover.

This plant is drought tolerant and likes to be planted in full-zone. There are many varieties of hens and chicks you can get, they have various colours.

See below for the types.

Amur Maple

It can be a large shrub or also a tree. Glossy green, lobed foliage and turns red radiant in the fall. Prefers acidic, well-drained soil. Adaptable, extremely hardy and drought tolerant.


There are various colours of Hawthorn to choose from, they come in pink, white, dark pink, light pink and more. These gorgeous plants look star-shaped and form in clusters. Mainly drought tolerant likes full sun. See below for a gallery of Hawthorns.

Russian Olive

A tree or can be a wider shrub with thorny branches, produces silver foliage and strongly-scented tiny yellow spring blooms. Grow in full sun.


Scented and comes in an array of colours and sizes to choose from. This plant prefers a moist, well-drained soil. Plant in full sun.


So if you plant these 5 plants above you can rest assured that your cats will be safe if they decide to nibble on them which cats like to do from time to time. These plants are deemed non-toxic and you can find these plants at our nursery.

Stop by and speak to one of our horticulture specialists and they will steer you in the right direction if you should have any questions.



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