Treegator® is a slow release watering system for newly planted trees. The Treegator® Original slowly and evenly delivers a high volume of water directly to the root system of a newly planted tree or shrub with no run-off or evaporation.
Water BagWhy use a Treegator® Original Bag?
Experts agree – deep watering is the best way to reduce the effects of transplant and drought shock in new plantings. The problem is, that watering by hand with a hose or sprinkler – even on a frequent basis – is insufficient. That’s because most of the water applied is lost due to run-off or evaporation, thus not allowing for the water to penetrate deep enough into the soil to properly saturate the root zone.
Treegator® is designed to properly water a newly planted tree or shrub by slowly and evenly providing deep water saturation directly to the root zone, with no run-off or evaporation – Every time.
With Treegator®, there’s no guesswork. Just fill the bag once a week… that’s it. You’ll water your trees and shrubs more efficiently and effectively than conventional watering methods and spend significantly less time and effort doing it.
Will a Treegator® Original work for my tree?
  • A Single Bag Setup (1 bag) is ideal for watering newly trees from 1″ to 4″ in caliper (trunk dia.) with branches at least 25″ from the ground or higher.
  • Use a Double Bag Setup by zipping 2 Treegator® Original Bags together back-to-back to accommodate trees up to 8″ in caliper (trunk diameter)
How is a Treegator® Original installed?
Installation is easy and requires no tool: Just zip the bag(s) around the trunk of your new tree, fill it with water, and walk away! For step-by-step installation view the video from the manufacturer below.

Unlike other watering systems, when you use a Treegator® Bag, there are no trenches or holes to dig, no holes to punch, and no stakes or spikes to drive into the ground. Treegator® saves you time, water and money!
How long does it take for a Treegator® Original to empty?
A Treegator® Original continuously waters a newly planted tree for approximately 5 to 9 hours, providing deep water saturation in a single application with little or no run-off.
How often should a Treegator® Original Bag be filled?
  • Water capacity (gallons) of Treegator® Original is dependent upon bag setup and tree caliper / trunk diameter (see below)
  • Recommendations are based on a commonly referenced guideline of 10 gallons of water applied per 1″ of tree caliper*