windburn on plants

Windburn on Plants

Purchasing new plants for the garden is an exciting experience, and a lot of information is given about the care needed once the plants arrive at your home. What is often overlooked is the journey back there. We bring large trucks in order to accommodate larger sized trees and shrubs, but what was often overlooked is proper wind protection for those plants. As you drive, the wind will pull moisture out of the leaves, and can actually cause plants to shed their leaves prematurely. It is a big stress factor that can be easily prevented with some preparation.

Protecting Plants from Wind Damage

If you do plan on purchasing plant material, there are a few simple ways to help prevent windburn.

  • Use a covered vehicle/trailer

If you have an opportunity to use a covered vehicle or trailer, that is the best way to protect your plants.

  • Use a Tarp

If an open truck or trailer is being used, bringing a tarp can make all the difference. A tarp offers enough protection from the high winds caused by driving.

  • Use a protective spray to coat the leaves

We also offer an anti-desiccant spray to help minimize windburn and protect the leaves from excessive moisture loss. (It is not always guaranteed that this will work but this may help reduce the impact of windburn.)


Any of these small steps will help to ensure that your new plant material will look healthier and recover from transplant shock more effectively.

As always, you can speak to a horticulture specialist to discuss the best ways to protect your plants.


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