Conditional Warranty Policy

Our warranty is a one time, in-store credit, worth half the total value of the plant material for one year after date of purchase. This does not include the cost of delivery and planting.

Sherwood nurseries takes 50% responsibility by providing customers with healthy plant material. The remaining responsibility is placed on the individual for the proper care and watering of all plants after time of purchase.

Warranty items will not be looked at nor redeemed until after May 31st.

There is 90 day warranty on the following types of plant material:

No warranty on:

No warranty is provided for the following:

To redeem your warranty:

Please call to get advice first.  Because your plant may still be alive. Please provide pictures of the plant material, so that we can determine the possible cause of sickness/death. If Sherwood nurseries advises the use of your warranty after giving advice/reviewing pictures, we require proof of purchase (your original invoice). You can also refer to your invoice.

Do not remove your plant before talking to us!

Plants are living things and their survival depends upon the care that you provide. We are more than happy to provide our customers with information which we provide with every purchase of a plant on proper planting and maintenance techniques. Feel free to call with any questions or concerns, our staff is more than happy to help.