Stella D'oro DAYLILY

Daylilies are flowering plants in the genus Hemerocallis, a member of the family Asphodelaceae, subfamily Hemerocallidoideae. Despite the common name, it is not in fact a lily! This flower is easy to grow and has been long bred for their attractive, fragrant blooms.
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Apple trees are beautiful blossoming trees and are cultivated worldwide, making them the most widely grown species in the genus Malus. In the autumn, the trees produce delicious apples, an essential staple in any Great Canadian Pantry.

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Vanilla Strawberry HYDRANGEA

Easily one of the most eye-catching flowers on your neighborhood walk! The word “hydrangea” is derived from Greek ‘hydor’ meaning “water” and ‘angeion’ meaning “vessel,” referring to the plant’s stunning seed pods, which look like small water droplets.
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Spring Snow

This deciduous tree with its fluffy white, fragrant flowers loves to be the center of attention and is a sure sign that Spring is in full-swing. This tree flowers beautifully and loves to be in full sunlight for maximum growth.
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Who is Sherwood Nurseries

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Sherwood Nurseries has been the best-kept secret of landscapers and yard enthusiasts alike in Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan, and Edmonton for years.

Now we are open to the general public, offering beautiful plants, shrubs, trees, and more for sale from our 8-acre tree nursery.

Come see what our garden centre can offer you to make your yard or property grow with your family.


At Sherwood Nurseries we take great care in all our plants, shrubs and trees to ensure that they are healthy and ready for transplant.


Our garden centre has a huge selection of beautiful trees for sale and ready for transplant anywhere in Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan and Edmonton.


Our fresh, healthy shrubs are waiting for you to own. Come down to our beautiful nurseries to see all our beautiful shrubs.


Sherwood Nurseries will deliver your trees and shrubs right to your yard and install them with care to ensure that they are healthy and transplanted properly.

Plant Design For Your Yard

Sometimes it is hard to visualize how you want your yard to look like.

Sherwood Nurseries offers a wide range of plant and flower options of the highest quality. Let us help you in designing the green space of your dreams from our lush inventory.

Get in touch with our garden centre!

Planting Guide

Learn more about how and when to plant your greenery for maximum growing potential.

A helpful guide to get you started.