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Planting Guide

Sometimes it is hard to visualize how you want your yard to look like. Check out our helpful  planting guide to get you started.

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Watering Guide

Learn the best practices when watering your plants, shrubs, and trees. Download our helpful guide.

When it comes to plant health, a proper planting that promotes a healthy root system is key. We recommend using a enriched, free, draining mix like triple mix and a root boosting fertilizer applied every 2-4 weeks or bone meal added on planting to help the plant establish a healthy and hardy root system. Feel free to ask us what we have available.
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Be sure that the graft on your tree is planted at the soil level and not burried. Burying the graft union can lead to disease or cause extra suckering or even cause the rootstock to die back hich may kill your tree. If you are unsure if your tree is grafted or how this works, ask one of us to show you.

Prepare a hole 2 times as wide as the pot and 1.5 times as deep. Add triple mix or a similar free draining, enriched soil to the hole. We also recommend you add bone meal to help boost root growth in the first year. If the ground is dry water the
planting hole and let it soak in. Gently tease apart some of the crowded roots and position the plant in the hole so that the top of the root ball is in line with original soil level. Also be sure to check that the graft will not be buried.

Tree Planting

Shrub Planting

Fill in the hole and step the air out of the soil to prevent the roots from drying. Water in well. Check for water at least once a day. Water deeply but ensure not to water log your new tree or shrub. This can bedone by allowing the top 1-2 inche sof soil to dry between waterings

Prepare a hole as per the potted trees, 2 times as wide and 1.5 times as deep. Ammend the hole with triple mix and bone meal. Place the tree in the hole so that the top of the root ball is level with the soil. Cut open the sides and top of the burlap to allow the roots to grow outwards. Also, be sure to cut the tie and any twine around the base of the tree at the top of the burlap. Follow watering instructions for potted trees.
Prepare a hole 2 times as wide as the pot and 1.5 times as deep. Water the hole and allow it to soak in to ensure the ground has enough moisture. Add triple mix or similar enriched soil to the hole. Gently tease apart the root ball if the plant has crowded roots. Plant so the root ball is in line with the original soil level and gently pack the soil. Water in well. Check for water daily for the first month.
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Our warranty is a one time, in-store credit, worth half the total
value of the plant material for one year after date of purchase.
This does not include the cost of delivery or planting. Plant
must be brought back to nursery for warrantee. 90 day
warrantee on cedars and perennials. Sherwood Nurseries takes
50% responsibility by providing customers with healthy plant
material. The remaining responsibility is placed on the
individual for the proper care and watering of all plants after
time of purchase.


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Stick your finger in the soil 2-3” below the surface. If the soil is still moist do not water. If it is dry 2-3” below the surface, water your tree/plant the required amount following the guidelines above.